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Dogwood Home Furnishings Features Trish Land Fine Art

Dogwood Home Furnishings is honored to support abstract impressionist painter Trish Land by featuring her fine art throughout our shop. Trish's work beautifully compliments our handcrafted selection of luxury furniture and truly was the perfect finishing touch to completing our boutique prior to our Grand Opening Celebration.

About the Artist:

I see beauty and I want to always remember it. That's why I paint.

It's always fluid. It's always moving.  It has the essence of dreaming.

Nature is my teacher... all I have to do is pay attention.

I grew up in South Georgia... walking in the woods, collecting sticks and branches, making things from them, realizing that all I really needed was air and light and my imagination.

I'm fascinated by stories we are able to tell with paint. I love to flirt with color. But the light is what I'm after.

My journey starts every day with clear eyes and the desire to put paint on a surface. I start at zero every day. 

As if every thing I see is new.

I'm self taught.

Fully inspired, and always seeking...with eyes wide open.

Travel is my muse.

Acrylic, ink, mixed media…..canvas, panel and paper.

Destination art workshops & classes in my studio, and anywhere else you want me to go.

To learn more about Trish, visit her website: Trish Land Fine Art

For more informtion about purchasing Trish's art, please contact us.


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